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+++New Confirmation "Jaws of Death"

We can now add new wavelengths to evidence of Libra "Jaws" explosion over galaxy in Mar 2002 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN magazine, pp. 64-65. Note both faint infrared & bright green x-ray images of 'blob' over Milky Way in sign of Libra. Confirms the account in Lost Book of Adam & Eve about glow in heaven before Cain killed Abel. See our article.....

Jennifer Lawson's Weather

We verified earlier this year the accuracy of Jennifer Lawson's long-range weather forcasts. Learn how she does it on her website.

Major Confirmation: Babel Event

Sept 28, 2001: Scientists find a 5800 BC tidal wave swept North Sea & made British islands. Thousands died. Same date as Black Sea flood [Ballard, below]. Genesis date(x7) for Tower of Babel matches these events & Nibiru/Mercury 3600-year cycle from Deluge/Atlantis event. Velikovsky links Mercury to Babel. North Sea calamity data indicates upheavals were global, not local & Mercury/Babel accounts credible.

Unstable Moon-Size Objects

Over 900 objects, in "unstable" orbits, 50-1000km in size, are in Kuiper Belt beyond Neptune, found since '92. Errant object could be "planet killer" worse than comets or asteroids. Could hit Pluto or Mars and send them toward earth.

Mars/Earth Movers

Scientists in US & UK propose to move Mars closer to earth, much as we contend pre-Flood people tried. Made Flood worse.[Mars page] *NASA Ames Research Center proposes moving Earth out to keep it cool.

New Planets Uninhabitable

None of the 100 newly-discovered *planets allows for life to survive around its star. No creatures live there. Earth alone is inhabited in our vicinity. So the "aliens" may be from earth itself...or from its past pre-Flood high civilization. *[cf RARE EARTH by Peter D. Ward.]

Bible Codes Updated

Code has MARS coming in 2012AD. Claim "Christmas" in codes false. "Green Man" NOT Gore, but Osiris, as everyone in Bible times knew; he was Cain, whose name IS in the code: "Bible Code" link at bottom.

Super Comets and Dark Age

"Aussie" amateur astronomer Greg Bryant says comets trigger climate changes: Dark Age,etc. Ignore his attack on Velikovsky (who had this idea first). Link Below. *[Others say Indonesian volcano...]

Great Pyramid Misdated

British Journal Nature Nov 16, 2000: Cambridge U. studies pyramid polar alignments. Claims 2 stars used in 2478 BC to align Grt. Pyramid. Yet Schoch shows bases of pyramids are 1000's yrs older than top portion. Thus, alignments NOT from 2478 BC. Other pyramids also fail test.

Suspect New European DNA History

Nov 10 Journal SCIENCE study by Peter Underhill & 12 more Stanford Univ & European scientists claims Y-chromosome DNA of 1007 men in 25 locales "dates" 1st men in Europe c.40,000 BP, retreat to 3 ice-free sites 24,000 BP, revival 16,000 BP and influx of Mideast men 8,000BP. Unique Mideast DNA fits Israelite influx 2000+BP, implying all dates in study 4x too old. Thus, 1st men would really arrive c.10,000 BP at END of ice age. Retreat shifts to 6000 BP when great drought struck. The revival fits 4000 BP rise of Mideast & Phoenicians. DNA "clock" needs to be reset, and we show how in "NEW ANCIENT HISTORY".


Proof weaving is 25,000+ yrs old implies Eve made cloth. "W+EVE" is "Hand of Eve" in Hebrew. Could the Shroud date back to Adam? Carvings & clay show weaving in her time as we reconstruct it: NEW HISTORY


Priest believes he found cloth "Veronica" wiped face of Jesus. Matches Shroud face but open eyes. Not painted. No explanation for see-through image. See "VERONICA'S VEIL" link below.


Scientific Shroud study finds rare Jerusalem grantite. Face-Cloth in Spain, has lympahtic fluid traced to pulminary edema, ie crucifixion & 120 stains matching Shroud. Both have Jerusalem pollen. FaceCloth has N. African & Spanish pollen & other Shroud pollen's from Turkey, France & Italy--matching tradition of respective travels. FaceCloth attested pre-616AD, 700 yrs BEFORE the C-14 Shroud "date". Both were in contact & retain type-AB blood from what must have been the same crucifixion victim. This REQUIRES Shroud be as old as "Face Cloth". Thus, Shroud's C-14 was enhanced. Source of C-14, if contamination's not cause, is IRRADIATION, by AN OUTSIDE SOURCE, of Shroud's own Nitrogen-15. Bible's explanation is Resurrection event. No other explanation fits lack of such C-14 excess (vs the Shroud) when other ancient cloth is dated. Shroud's C-14 excess unique. Test relative N-15/C-13/C-12 ratios to prove if Shroud had radiation exposure and give correct age of the cloth. We argue it will date c. 8,000 years old, when we believe Abraham left UR with it as part of his tent, and that C-14 was "re-set" 31AD. *++"


National Geographic/Bob Ballard dive on north coast of Turkey has found more trinkets and stonework from c.7000BC under 300 ft of the *Black Sea. Is it Noah's Flood? NO! It was a SLOW rise in level of the Black Sea. NO RAIN. No Ark. It was NOT a deluge, not global, and may not have killed anyone at all--but it MAY relate to "Tower of Babel." We think it was a POST-Flood visit of Mercury that cause the upheaval being unearthed in Turkey. But the "flood" they are reporting was NOT a deluge of rain nor like Genesis, where few people survived. This is a GRADUAL sea-level rise you could literally WALK away from. No boats were needed. This is NOT a Deluge.


"Discovery" of "Tomb of Osiris" shown "live" on FOX Mar 2, 1999-- in which Zahi Hawass claimed he'd found the huge granite tomb 100' underground via an entrance to the rear of the Sphinx--has now been exposed as less impressive than we thought. The site, entrance, tombs and chambers, the great pit at the bottom and its sarcophogus had all been discovered decades ago and an archaeologist published it back in 1934. Hawass only pumped water out of the bottom chamber; that's all. Moreover, the site is far from the Sphinx. Also, archaeologists think the granite sarcophogus could date as recently as 300 BC, but not any older than the reign of Chephren-- whom the ancient Egyptians placed about 12,000 years AFTER Osiris... Details are in the Sept/Oct, 2000, ARCHAEOLOGY MAGAZINE, pp. 2,30-33.


Book says Jesus/Apostles never existed, but were gnostic fabrications based upon pagan Mysteries. "THE JESUS MYSTERIES" denies Jesus & Family;they present no proof and the early heretical, Jewish, even PAGAN writers, had not questioned reality of Jesus or His disciples. Refutations are on "NICEA..." and "SECRET FAMILY OF JESUS" pages...


We chart the implied chronology of Dr. Schoch, adjusted for other data redating the Old Kingdom & pyramids: "A NEW ANCIENT HISTORY"


Geologist Robert Schoch has just returned from Egypt with evidences that "absolutely" convince him and his associates that Egypt's Giza monuments were laid out "at least" 3000 years earlier than believed by Egyptologists. If true, Sumer would become a "late" development, not the "earliest" civilization. Egypt would become the first known culture at the dawn of this age. The implications sweep aside Sumer and its myths as hand-me-downs of peoples who fourished thousands of years earlier in Egypt & elsewhere --and may destroy the basis of the "12th Planet" notions of Zechariah Sitchin & his followers. Schoch's team found geologic aging of core structures inside pyramids & other buildings, showing they had really been in place thousands of years prior to the Old Kingdom of Egypt, and thus, thousands of years prior to Sumer in Mesopotamia. The data reveal that all the hidden ancient weathering had been covered up and protected from outside disturbance from an era at least as old as the time of the Old Kingdom--hence due entirely to pre-Old Kingdom events requiring thousands of years. The evidence is so irrefutable, Schoch says it justifies it being called "absolutely convincing." This one discovery will completely overturn our entire view of ancient history and the rise of civilization IF IT IS ACCEPTED. But powerful vested interests will face the geologists in the form of men who have dated Egypt and Sumer and other cultures to relatively recent times (3200BC for Sumer and c.3100BC for Egypt) --men who rejected tree-ring dates when they refuted their Egyptian chronologies. Carbon dating that was adjusted for tree-ring records overturned Egyptologists arbitrary "histories," but confirmed those of Velikovsky [See our discussion of Velikovsky and link below]. SEE LINK TO "SCHOCH'S EGYPT" BELOW

DID MERCURY COME BY THE EARTH & REDUCE HUMAN LIFE EXPECTANCY? We may have discovered the cause of our "short" life-spans and the origin of many strange aspects of the post-flood Genesis world. The planet Mercury ("Nibiru") removed *protective ozone from Earth, when it came by 3600 yrs after Deluge. Mercury showered Earth with iron, which oxidized & modified earth's atmosphere, by soaking up oxygen. Lack of oxygen shortened lives of mankind & had many other effects recorded in Genesis & legends. We will have more to report on this. *Link: "A NEW ANCIENT HISTORY"


Writer Richard C. Hoagland has a new discovery of "weird" terrain on Mars that looks like a living organism of some kind. [See story of "WORM ON MARS" in "news" column at the left. Picture link below... *Or is it a picture of a fossilized Martian "forest" or other very odd "plant-life" covered in Mars dust?

ANCIENT BIBLE CHART PAGE UPDATED NEW chart of ancient secret design of Jewish & Christian Scriptures HIDDEN in the Bible.

"LOST CITIES" LEAD NEWS MAGAZINE The July 10, 2000 issue of U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT cover story: Recent finds of ultra-ancient cities shock archaeology.


The Black Sea mini-deluge again makes news + big article on early human BUILDINGS & ART c. 20,000 years ago. Be forewarned: No date before 10,000 years is calibrated with tree-rings; these dates are only approximate in this article. Bob Ballard & Nat.Geographic are openly claiming--July 12th--that he has "Proof of Noah's Flood." He has proof of ancient shoreline and TWO fresh-water seashells he had dated to 7460 & 15,000+ BC. No "deluge" of rain leaves neat shoreline. So neither date nor geology fit Noah's Flood.


British astrologer Adrian Gilbert "dates" birth of Jesus to July(!) [See our page "BIRTH OF JESUS" to understand why this is impossible] & Crucifixion to 29 AD(a Tuesday!) [See our page on Crucifixion in "HIDDEN FAMILY OF JESUS" page...]


Full text of Vatican "Commentary" on Fatima reveals huge rift inside Vatican at top. JohnPaul II("JPII") loses power in his final days. The Vatican elite does NOT share JPIIs enthusiasm for Fatima and Lucia's many "visions" before, during, and long after 1917... The Commentary says she might be deluded and that 3rd "secret"(their quotes!)is not a prophecy, but fulfilled allegory of little value to the Church. The text is at KATHLEEN KEATING site.


In a shocking admission, NASA & JPL now say Mars may VERY recently --within the last few thousands of years--have had water flowing on a sand dune, an ephemeral geological feature Martian dust storms should have wiped away if it happened far in the past. This evidence proves our contention that Mars lost most of its water and atmosphere during the last 3000 years--not billions of years ago. Immanuel Velikovsky wrote 50 years ago this year about evidence in ancient myths & legend that Mars had been struck by Venus (we say it was Mercury). Now there is a ton of evidence to back up in detail Velikovsky's ideas--but not one honest scientist today willing to give him the credit he deserves or even mention his name in public without a disclaimer. Yet he was the ONLY scientist who correctly predicted the condition of Mars.

COUNCIL OF NICEA "SCANDAL" EXPOSE' New page reveals the secrets of Bible "censors." You'll be shocked by what lies you've been told. But it is NOT what you think... Go to our new link here, and see if you really know what happened to the Bible at Nicea: "SCANDAL OF NICEA"


Lucia wrote "secret" down in 1944, but her letter was not given to Vatican until 1957, 40 years after Fatima secrets supposedly given to her July 13, 1917. John Paul II release of secret is also 40 years after original release deadline of 1960. Rome operates at Medieval pace... Internal politics in Vatican debates whether a comet is prophesied to hit earth soon. We argue prophecy points to Mars being hit, then breaking up as it comes by earth & spins up rotation to cut day 1/3.[Rev 8,12;Ezek 28] Kuiper belt objects beyond Neptune have unstable orbits; some as big as 400 miles in diameter could hit Mars with sufficent force to send it eventually toward earth. Years are needed for all this, so don't dump your stock just because Rome is finally delivering the Lady of Fatima's wayward mail....


The media is being flooded with commentators & callers repeating a claim Council of Nicea in 325 AD took books out of Bible, yet this never happened. Council rulings do not mention Bible books or Canon. Arian debate and Church structure were issues. Bible manuscripts and Canon lists show NO books removed. Even critcal scholars & historians reject this slander as completely false. Jewish author Richard E. Rubenstein, in his excellent study of Nicea, "WHEN JESUS BECAME GOD," (1999)has complete Nicea history.


In a major challenge to what is generally accepted by the handful of cuneiform scholars who dominate Babylonian archaeology, BIBLICAL ARCHAEOLOGY REVIEW magazine in its Jan-Feb, 2000, issue published two major articles arguing for Edessa (modern Urfa in Turkey) being the true "Ur of the Chaldees" Abraham left when he began his journey to the Holy Land. Jews, Arabs, Turks and just about everybody else but Mideast scholars & archaeologists have always insisted that Edessa was the true Ur, but few scholars would listen to them. Yet proof for the scholars' southern "Ur" has not materialized after over 78 years since its excavation; by contrast, Edessa's case has only grown stronger. We believe Edessa was the true Ur, as all ancient sources agree. Part of Abraham's tent--made in Edessa--may be very well-preserved in Europe, and DNA could tie it to Edessan flax or linen. LILITH PAGES: Not for anyone with weak stomach: "SCORCHINGLY HOT" link page ONLY from now on...

PRINCE MICHAEL OF ALBANY CLAIMS SCOTTISH THRONE AS STEWART HEIR In a bold move, the head of the House of Stewart is claiming to be the true heir of Scotland's Crown, and the descendent of Jesus & King David (hence, Messiah?). He says Charles is not entitled to throne of Britain, but supports William & Harold, Diana's sons. In his book, THE FORGOTTEN MONARCHY OF SCOTLAND (published near 2000th anniversary of the birth of Jesus), the 35-yr. old Michael formally claims to be the rightful King of Scotland. He was chosen head of The European Council of Princes in 1992. Prince Michael's claims were detailed in BLOODLINE OF THE HOLY GRAIL by Laurence Gardner in 1996. Since then the British Coronation Stone has been returned to Scot- land & it has elected a parliament with Michael's behind-the-scenes encouragement. He has drawn up a sample consitution and advocates full Scottish independence, which will allow him to begin ruling as King, if Scotland approves him. Few realize that Gardner is an admitted member of "The Court of the Dragon," which claims David & Jesus are heirs of Cain (and proud of it). They revile "Jehovah" and defend Sodom & Gommorah as victims of His wrath. They advocate blood- drinking (fresh menstrual blood) & eating the glandular secretions of human brains. Their "Dragon" is the "enemy of Jehovah," he says. For more, see Oct/Nov '98 NEXUS magazine, pp. 29-34: "Star Fire: The Gold of the Gods" by Gardner, Pt. 1 of 3 on these topics. Hard to find Vol 2 of BLOODLINE series has appeared: GENESIS OF THE GRAIL KINGS: THE PENDRAGON LEGACY OF ADAM & EVE, which details their gruesome pagan beliefs.... For more on the true genesis of such cannibalistic & vampiristic lusts, see the links below to the LILITH pages in "SCORCHINGLY HOT."


Priests, Levites, and offspring of Aaron, brother of Moses, may be dated via descendents' genetics in modern populations by their DNA, a group of scientists says in Oct 3, 1998, SCIENCE NEWS, pp 218-219. If allowances for uncertainty in DNA dating are made, the origin of the "priestly" line would fall between 850 and 11,375 years ago, with one core range from 2,100 to 3,250 yrs --the date of Aaron's family, they theorize. The data so far allow a chance the "priestly" line may be medieval, Herodian, or from a time near the Exodus. Or the family may pre-date the Exodus by thousands of years. The average of the full- range estimate is 4,116 bce, which would agree with our argument that Levi himself lived about that time and that it is Levi's genes (enjoy the pun, but don't miss the point) --not Aaron's--being measured.


New article on the mysterious being called Lilith, millions of women are unwittingly adopting as a role-model. But original Lilith of Jewish legend is no saint; her story may curl your hair or curdle your blood...Busy lady. Wait until you see what she's up to now. Go to link below. [Not for children!] MUST GO VIA "SCORCHINLY HOT" page!


Our biggest article will truly transform your view of megalithic sites and ancient history. The new discoveries by our team reveal the purpose of the "sacred" sites was not at all what most now think. To see this page (which should not be read by children!), go to our "MEGALITHS & BLOOD" there. This is by far the most controversial material on the web-site. Beware, it is best read in bright daylight.


New Yorker magazine, September 28, 1998 (p 43+), revealed behind- the-scenes turmoil over Archives.


In 1998, we uncovered signs of a huge explosion of unknown or unexplainable origin 30 degrees north of the galactic center near the cusp of Scorpio/Libra. Burst was apparently known in ancient times and can be seen represented in Egyptian art. Our web page on this amazing event and its many implications--"THE JAWS OF DEATH" --is available by going via our "SCORCHING" link below. And don't miss related "THE GOLEM HIDES" and the "GARDEN OF EDEN" material linked to the "GOLEM" story. And stay tuned; this tale gets even more gruesomely relevant to our modern world as it unfolds. This material is not intended to be read by children and some adults may also find it unpalatable....


A new discovery about light is giving cosmologists, biologists, and lots of others an explanation for the odd imbalance of right vs left-handed DNA spirals. It seems polarized star-light can destroy right-handed DNA, leaving earth's left-handed form to dominate some star-forming regions. No one had been able to explain how our left handed DNA got "selected" by the cosmos until Jeremy Bailey of the Anglo-Australian Observatory in Australia and his collaboreators came up with this idea. But the asymmetry allows for dominance by right-handed DNA in other places in the galaxy, raising a question about how aliens know which world is "safe" to visit, since planets with the same DNA form can harbor diseases aliens have no immunity against, while those having the opposite form would be sexually- incompatible, but "safe"...[See SCIENCE, July 31; Science News, Vol. 154, p.68, Aug 1, 1998] *MARS "TRIANGLE" Bizarre triangular feature has been imaged on Mars with ominous "face" in lower left area, within its own triangle in main triangle. Feature is near Cydonia "Face" on Mars cited by Richard Hoagland, We have a LINK on this page to this high-resolution image [gif]: DON'T CLICK THIS LINK UNLESS YOU HAVE 5 MEGS FREE RAM + 5 MEGS OF HARD-DRIVE FREE...PLUS AT LEAST 20 MINUTES TO WAIT FOR COMPLETE IMAGE TO LOAD [33.6 baud rate]. If you want to try a partial download, the triangle is in top 25% of image, in the center area. It spans a third of screen; full image is 2 screens wide and 10-12 feet long; the triangle is roughly 2-3 feet down from top. As soon as it begins to download, scroll to right and then move back to center and watch for triangle to emerge as download scans. After you see full triangle download, go click on "STOP" in your browser to end transfer. Be careful. Even the partial download requires 1 Meg. The face is small relative to the triangle, whose base is hori- zontal in the image. The inner triangle is a cut-out inside the larger one, which is made from a plateau-like area. The left side of the triangle is eroded, but the +right is quite clear. It is an equilateral triangle with the top centered above the base. Hoagland calls it "The Fortress" and feels ruins of structure are visible; it is obviously artificial, not just a natural mound. Did our ancestors build this on Mars? [Is 14:13-14] *MORE MARS PICTURES: You may also wish to visit the Mars Polar image on our HOME Page. It shows the crater under icecap, a candidate for Mercury impacting Mars 2700 years ago, knocking the red planet's oceans & atmosphere out into space and shifting Mars into a colder, darker orbit, while Mercury fell back toward the sun, its surface sheared away and its huge Caloris Basin revealing its point of collision with Mars. UPDATE: MARS IMPACT BEING MAPPED Mars Global Surveyor found bulk of northern Mars was a huge ocean-basin. Alternative theory is top 25% of Mars is flattened as result of giant impact event that MELTED ENTIRE POLAR REGION N of 50 degrees N lat. or BLASTED IT FLAT, OR BOTH. North basin is 2 MI. DEEP vs southern highlands. If it had been an ocean, it could have held 8.6-MILLION CUBIC MILES OF WATER. You'd need hideous heat to evaporate or blast that ocean into space. Either way, a giant impact event is required. [Ocean basin theory reported in SCIENCE NEWS, Vol. 153, p. 218. Paper was in SCIENCE, Vol. 279, p.1686 [March 13,'98]. Scientific team headed by Dr. David E.Smith, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Earth Sciences div,Greenbelt, MD] *UPDATE: PETRA CONSTRUCTION Joint UN-Jordanian effort to rebuild Petra for tourist load with highway in Siq and hotels at the base of Mt. Seir. Late King Hussein's family backed it. + Petra may be where Mary fled for 3 1/2 years(31 AD to 35 AD) & aided Paul's Gospel [Gal 1:17; Rev. 12:5-6; Jer 9:2, 12; etc.]

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