When MARS comes by...


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   It will happen again.

   According to the ancients, there was a time when Mars had a closer
orbit to Earth than it has now.  In those days, Mars came by the Earth
on some occasions within the distance of the Moon.

   The whole world was in terror.  Not one soul, young or old, could
escape the fiery wrath of Mars.  Mighty "Ares" shook all the kingdoms
of the Earth, crushing their Emperors and their paupers with equal ire.
With flames darting from its volcanic "eyes" and smoke and ash billowing
before its rumbling "war chariot," the angry Red Planet marched across 
the sky as a great rolling ball of molten iron.

   The year was 747 bce. It was the 7th anniversary of the founding of
Rome.  This ravenous flaming wolf-star--called "Maha (great) Ares" or
"M'Ares" (Mars)--savagely tore open the Earth, gouging it asunder with 
painful clefts and fissures.  The howling rock wrenched out of place
gave out an anguished wail.

   The mass of Mars, although but a ninth that of the Earth, was still
great enough to pull open fault lines as the sullen planet ground its
way past us.  The sky glowed red and black from the volcanic fire and
ash above as the gravitational tides of the two planets pulled magma 
from each other while white-hot liquid rock burst forth into space.

   Packs of dogs scavenged the dead and dying.  The ruined land was
overrun by rapacious hordes of marauders and madmen.  The whole world
fell screaming into a dark, horrific abyss of blood.


   The whole Earth trembled in agony every time Mars came by.  There
was a long-running cycle of these close approaches of Mars.  They had
begun over 10,000 years before, when the Egyptians had presumed to
change the structure of the solar system itself by "terra-forming" the
planets Mars and Mercury. [Dates: See our "New Ancient History" page.]

   It might have been a simple idea:  Transfer mass* from Mercury, the
planet of Thoth, the "Dad" of the Egyptians, to Mars, the planet of Ra.
As Mercury grew lighter, it would drift away from the Sun and become a
cooler, more habitable planet.  And as Mars grew heavier, it would fall
toward the sun and warm up: Two new "Earths" for the price of one. [The
method of moving the planets is uncertain, of course. Scientists propose
moving Mars and Earth today by using the gravitation of passing comets.]
[*Unaccelerated, of course, so as to slow down Mars.  See preceding link
for ways the ancients might have sought to accomplish this.]

   Their wise men could not do the math.  There is a mathematical blind
spot that physicists cannot resolve.  It is known simply as "The three-
body problem."  It has to do with the changing mutual gravitational pull
of three cosmic bodies in close proximity.  As each one moves, it will
affect both of the others, and they each in turn will change their pull
on the other two: Too many variables at once.

   The ancients could not solve the problem.  So they guessed what the
consequences of changing the orbits of Mercury and Mars would be.

   They guessed wrong.

   Mars and Mercury began to drift closer to the Earth than planned, and
worse, their mutual gravity began to synchronize with the Earth and with
one another.  The wise ones of those days projected as far ahead as they
could and realized--too late--that all three planets were being drawn
into a single place in orbit...a triple conjunction with catalclysmic

   "The END OF ALL FLESH has come before Me."  [Gen 6:13]

   The Gilgamesh Epic states plainly that the Deluge arrived as both the
god of Mars and the god of Mercury appeared together at dawn:

   "With the first glow of dawn, a black cloud rose up from the
   horizon. Inside it, Adad [Adad=Thoth=Mercury] thunders. While
   Shullat and Hanish [= Phobos & Deimos, the two moons of Mars?]
   go in front of Nergal [=Mars] like heralds, moving over the
   hills and valleys while he [Mars] tears out the pillars [of
   the Earth]...setting the Earth ablaze with their glare...Adad
   [Mercury] (then) turned to blackness all that had been light.
   (The wide) land shattered like a (piece of pottery)...No one
   can see his fellow, nor can the peoples be recognized from
   heaven.  (Even) the gods were terrified by the Deluge, and
   shrinking back (in fear), they ascended to the heaven of Anu."

      ["The Gilgamesh Epic," OBV, tablet XI: 96-114; adapted
       from ANCIENT NEAR EASTERN TEXTS, James B. Pritchard
       (Princeton University Press, Princeton 1969), p.94]

   Here in plain language is the Old Babylonian version of the Flood
story, openly blaming the cataclysm on Adad (Thoth or Mercury) and
Nergal (Mars).  The two planets are close enough to light up the land
and then bring on thick black clouds of ashen darkness as the waters
of the oceans are hurled across the Earth in gargantuan tidal waves,
while the ash particles in the atmosphere form nuclei for torrential
rains:  The water came both from above and below, just as the Bible
also relates:

   "...the same day were all the fountains of the great deep
    broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened." [Gen 7:11]

   The two planets had deviated out of their expected new orbits and
had come perilously close to the Earth.  The Egyptians attributed the
flood and earthquakes that consumed Atlantis at this time to the same

   "There have been and there will be again many destructions of
   mankind, of which the greatest are by fire AND water...[caused]
   by the occurrance of a SHIFTING of the bodies [planets] in the
   heavens which move around the Earth and the destruction of the
   things on the Earth by fierce fire, which recurs [in cycles] at
   long intervals." [The Egyptian priest telling Solon of Atlantis
   in Plato's Timaeus dialogue]

   The historian Immanuel Velikovsky correctly understood this account
to be describing cyclical encounters of the earth with two planets that
had been SHIFTED out of their former stable orbits.  Velikovsky erred
in identifying the "morning star" planet as Venus, ignoring the overt
identifications in many accounts of Mercury as the "morning star" that
had helped to cause the Deluge and other subsequent calamities.  But
Velikovsky had no difficulty identifying Mars as the other culprit.

   These two planets--Mars and Mercury--were then considered inhabited
by the "gods" of old.  These planets were ruled by two specific beings,
for whom the planets were named:  Nergal, or Ares/Mars, was called "Ra"
by the Egyptians, who depicted him with a bright red orb surmounted by
a serpent.  Ra had also once been identified with the Sun, just as with
the Semitic version in which the angel of Mars had formerly been called
"Shamashel" ("angel of the sun"). By removing one letter("sh"), the Jews
demoted him to "poisonous snake angel"--Shamael--and they blotted his
name out of the Bible for his evil deeds.  Publicly, they spoke of him
only as the "Adversary": Satan.

   The Being who dominated Mercury--or Adad, as he was known in Akkadian
histories--was called Thoth in Egypt.  The Greeks called Thoth "Hermes,"
and the Romans called him Mercury.  The Semitic peopls called him Rapha
or Raphael. In most languages, his name meant "Death."  Indeed, our word
"death" comes ultimately from his name, via German and Balkan roots that
are known to have been imported from Egyptian sources.  Mercury was the
god of the Dead, who ruled over sleep and the night, over dreams and
visions, over magic and the rituals for raising the dead, hence he also
ruled over medicine.

   Mercury's link to commerce and thievery is less obvious.  Thieves
do their work by night, and merchants were often viewed as thieves, or
so the usual explanation goes.  But there was more:  The planet Mercury
was stripped of its outer crust in order to jettison its mass so that
it would drift out from the sun and cool down enough to be inhabited.
This exposed its iron-rich mantle.  The workers who were mining on its
surface found it increasingly difficult to maintain an atmosphere as the
mass of Mercury declined.  The attempt to terra-form the little orb was
failing.  Mercury's newly-generated oxygen would drift into space as
soon as it was replenished--or bind with the iron as oxide.

   Something was needed to halt the oxygen losses.  Although no one is
certain how it worked, it appears that GOLD was the one element which
could solve the problem of the disappearing atmosphere of Mercury.  It
was needed in substantial quantities for this task.  The Babylonians had
called Mercury the "Prophet Star" or "Nebu Uru"--that is, "Nibiru."  It
is the planet Zecharia Sitchin, like Velikovsky before him, failed to
properly identify.  Once Mercury became identified with gold, the link
to commerce and thievery followed--especially since the attempt to save
Mercury led to a huge market in gold, which was stolen from the Earth to
enrich the tiny planet.

   Mercury seems of no significance today.  It is nearly impossible to
spot with the naked eye from most places on Earth.  But this was by no
means the case thousands of years ago.  Mercury was well-known and of
enormous importance to all ancient cultures--a fact which by itself is
strong evidence for Mercury being much closer to the Earth in the past.

   In our reconstruction of ancient history, we have dated the Tower of 
Babel upheavals (which Velikovsky correctly said were caused by Mercury)
to c. 6000 BC (8000 BP).  At about this time, the Black Sea was flooded,
great migrations occurred (including Abraham fleeing Edessa/Ur), and the
British Isles were cut off from Europe by the rising sea.  We contend 
that all these events were set in motion by the planet Mercury making a
close passage to the Earth after some 3600 years (a Nebiru 'Sar' cycle)
since the Deluge that closed the Ice Age c. 9600 BC (11,600 BP).  It was
this 3600-year period of cataclysmically close approaches to the Earth 
that Sitchin mistook for a single orbital cycle.  In reality, the orbit 
was around a year or so, but only after about 3600 years did Mercury's 
aphelion--its farthest point from the Sun--precess slowly around until 
it coincided with the Earth's own perihelion--or closest point to the 
Sun.  Then and only then, after 3600 years, did Mercury and the Earth 
swing close enough to one another to generate cataclysmic tidal forces 
that swept the sea over the land and sank continents.  At the Deluge, 
Mars had added its tidal mass to Mercury, inundating the entire globe. 
But at the Tower of Babel event, only Mercury swung near the Earth, 
causing severe, but limited, destruction.

   The Bible records the first death after Noah's Deluge at this point, 
namely Abraham's brother Haran, who died in Edessa just before Abraham 
left.  It has always been understood that Haran's death was connected to
this sudden migration.  Shortly after, we are told there is Great Famine
upon the Earth, sending Abraham into Egypt.  This was no ordinary event,
for when a famine later strikes in the days of Isaac, we are told:

   "And there was a famine in the land, besides the FIRST famine 
   that was in the days of Abraham." [Genesis 26:1]

   It is easy to miss the point: The Abraham famine was the very FIRST 
of its kind, but it was followed by a SERIES of additional famines on 
down to the very end of Genesis.

   Something had CHANGED the climate of the Earth.  For 3600 years after 
the Deluge, the Earth had no major famines, or at least, Genesis mentions 
no death or disease of any kind. In theory, Noah and Shem were alive at 
the time of Abraham's famine.  Then suddenly people begin dying and the 
famine cycle begins just as Babel is destroyed.

   The simplest explanation is that Mercury's close 3600th passage had 
TILTED THE AXIS of the Earth, flooding the Black Sea, isolating Britain,
and toppling Babel.  The tilted axis changed climate, causing famine via
the modified growing seasons.  Malnourished people became ill and died.

   Of course, there were probably deaths before this, but the emphasis 
in Genesis seems intended to draw our attention to this particular time 
as one of great death and calamity.  And Mercury could be the cause.

   But what about the apparent clycle of later famines that began about 
3600 years after the Flood?  Could it be that Mercury's orbit changed,
bringing it close to the Earth far more frequently?  Velikovsky thought
that the planet which brought cyclical destruction to the Earth during 
this epoch was in an orbit that threatened our world roughly every fifty
years or so.  That cycle led to the plagues of the Exodus, he felt, and
to the long day of Joshua decades later.  It persisted down into the 
days of the prophets of ancient Israel.

   However, around 747 BC, Velikovsky said, Mars began to change its own
orbit (which is still quite unstable) and come near Earth periodically.
Mercury was no longer alone on the heavenly battlefield.  Mars was also
present, and it was twice as massive and far more dangerous.

   Mars became even more feared than Mercury.  The destruction of nearly
185,000 Assyrian attackers in one night, as described in Hezekiah's day,
was later identified with Gabriel, the Warrior Angel oft linked to Mars.
Velikovsky maintained that Mars and the other planet (which he thought
was Venus) had collided near the Earth around 687 BC, sending one of the 
pair closer to the Sun and boosting Mars into its current orbit.  While
such a collision may seem unlikely to some, there are huge impact zones 
both on Mars and on Mercury, where the destruction is global.  It can no
longer be doubted that Mars was once much closer to the Sun and Earth in
fairly recent time than it now is.  Something has knocked Mars out from 
its old orbit...something with a planet-sized mass.  That something was 
itself jolted out of its old orbit by this impact.

   There are some immutable laws of physics at work here.  If an object 
is struck by another large object, as Mars was, and Mars GAINS energy so
that it is boosted into a HIGHER orbit, farther from the Sun, then there
is an absolute requirement that the impacting object, if it still exists
after the collision, must LOSE energy.  And that would DROP it DOWN into
a LOWER orbit, CLOSER to the Sun.  Velikovsky knew this, of course, and
choosing between the two morning stars, Venus and Mercury, decided that
Venus was the 'fallen' star.  Yet, had that been the case, then Mercury 
should have a more stable orbit that Venus--but the reverse is true: It
is Mercury that is now the most unstable planet in the Solar System, and
Venus is arguably one of the most stable of all.  It was this one fact, 
more than any other, that caused scientists to reject Velikovsky's whole
planetary collision hypothesis.

   Ironically, in the years since, Velikovsky's ideas about Mars have
virtually all been confirmed, but he has received no credit. This is now
becoming a shameful blot on the integrity modern science, which prides
itself on giving proper credit for all discoveries, but which has been 
systematically refusing to acknowledge the dozens of successful theories
about Mars put forth by Immanuel Velikovsky in the early 1950's.


   Computer projections of planetary orbits show that Mars and Mercury 
have been in their current orbits for no more than the last 1.5% of the
history of our Solar System.  Moreover, they will not stay where they 
now are:  Projected into the future, they will eventually careen out of
orbit, and they may well threaten the Earth again.  Although reported in
scientific publications, these facts are curiously missing from popular
books [except for Graham Hancock's THE MARS MYSTERY].

   There is, however, an even more pressing concern.  Prophecy mentions
Mars repeatedly, albeit not often by that name, which is a later Roman
nomenclature.  These prophecies place Mars again near the Earth at the 
close of this age.  But this time, the passage is so perilous that Mars
does not survive: It ceases to exist altogether.  In Ezekiel's day, when
Mars was called "Tyre," the Tyre (Mars) above is contrasted with the one
on the earth, the city of Tyre, and we are told the fate of the heavenly

   "Thou wast upon THE HOLY MOUNTAIN OF GOD [the vault of the stars
   was reckoned like a great 'mountain' with God's throne upon the
   summit; this metaphor was used all across the ancient world]; thou
   hast walked [orbited] up and down in the midst THE STONES OF FIRE.
   [The gemstones of the breastplate of the High Priest, nine of them
   listed in verse 13 here, had colors matching the chief STARS of the
   twelve signs of the zodiac, which these 'FIERY' STONES represented.]
   Thou wast PERFECT in ALL of they WAYS [orbits] from the day thou
   wast created [the ORIGINAL orbit was a STABLE one] until iniquity
   [a perverted orbit] was found in thee [until someone diverted Mars
   from its original path through the fiery stones of the zodiac]....
   [Mars will be cast down from its high orbit and will be removed out
   of its path through the zodiac of stars]: and I WILL DESTROY THEE
   [Mars will be destroyed], O COVERING CHERUB [reference to Satan,
   whom the ancients identifed as the angel of Mars], FROM THE MIDST
   OF THE STONES OF FIRE [it will lose its PLACE amid the stars of the
   zodiac]...Thou hast corrupted thy wisdom because of thy BRIGHTNESS.
   I WILL CAST THEE TO THE GROUND [literally, down to the Earth]....
   has the largest volcano in the solar system]. IT SHALL DEVOUR THEE
   still put ashes on their heads the morning after Mardi Gras, that
   is, the morning after 'Fat Mars' day, the commemoration of rains of
   ashes that shrouded the earth during close approaches of Mars; the
   evidence for this is in Velikovsky's WORLDS IN COLLISION]....THOU
   Mars will cease to exist.  It will no longer orbit in the path of the
zodiac.  It will be brought by the Earth.  Volcanic fire will erupt from
within Mars and it will spew ashes upon the Earth one last time.  Then 
it will be consumed in a final conflagration as the gravity of the Earth
pulls it asunder.  The observers on the Earth will be terrified, but in
the end Mars will be utterly destroyed.

   In the book of Job, there is another mention of this coming removal
of Mars from the heavens.  The ancients used the 7-branched candelabra
--including the one in the Temple--to honor the orignal creation week
and Sabbath.  But each candle also stood for one of the seven 'lights'
of the heavens: The Sun and Moon and the five visible planets, for which
the days of the week are still named.  So Mars had one of these candles:

   "Yea, THE LIGHT OF THE WICKED (One)[the same Wicked King of Tyre
   --ie, Satan, the angel of Mars, cited in Ezekiel 28] SHALL BE PUT
   HIM [Mars will be 'put out' along with its candle]." [Job 18:5-6]

   In Revelation 12, the same theme is expressed again, where Satan and
his angels are cast down out of the heavens to the Earth, when Satan's
"throne" is transfered to the Earth as well [Rev 12:7-13; 13:2].  This
throne had been in the heavens prior to this.  Ezekiel 28 calls Satan
the "KING of Tyre" [compare Ezek 28:12 & 13], which indicates that he
has some sort of THRONE on the heavenly Tyre, that is, ON MARS.  Satan
will transfer this throne FROM ITS CURRENT PLACE ON MARS and bring it
down to the Earth.  But look what happens to Mars:


   This plain statement is usually reinterpreted as if it meant, "And
they will no longer be allowed in Heaven."  But that CANNOT be correct:
Satan and his angels, it says, are being cast out WHILE CHRISTIANS ARE
ON THE EARTH [verses 10, 12, 13].  Satan was not in divine Heaven after
the birth of Jesus certainly; that is theologically absurd, and cannot
be the intent of this passage in Revelation.  It must be a reference to
the other heaven: The realm of the STARS AND PLANETS.  It is from this
'heaven' that Satan is to be cast down.  And when he is, his "PLACE"
(that is, MARS) will no longer be found in the heavens above.

   We have still more evidence that this is the meaning, for it says
that Satan is angry because "HIS TIME IS SHORT."  The shortening of
days at the end of the age just before Christ returns is a major theme,
not only of the New Testament, but of the Hebrew Scriptures as well.
Jesus makes reference to the "POWERS OF THE HEAVENS" being "SHAKEN"
at the time when "THOSE DAYS SHALL BE SHORTENED" where the Greek means
to literally shorten the length of each day.  And in Revelation 8, we 
are given the exact details of this event, where it says that the Earth
will be bombarded by debris from outer space, including two objects so 
large one is called a "MOUNTAIN" and the other a "STAR."  The result is
to shorten the day AND THE NIGHT by ONE-THIRD. [Rev 8:5-12]

   Physics requires that something must cause the Earth to spin faster
on its axis if the days are to be 8 hours shorter.  The Earth must get
a 500 mph increase in rotation at the Equator.  The impact of an object
big enough to do this would kill every living thing on the planet.  We
had formerly considered this option, but it is clearly unacceptable.

   That leaves only one other possible mechanism: Gravitational tidal
attraction from a massive PLANET-SIZED OBJECT moving rapidly by Earth
at close distance.  The long day of Joshua, as Velikovsky showed, came
about when a planet came near the Earth.  It could happen again.  But
there is really only one candidate object that could fulfill the days-
shortening prophecies: Mars.

   The object cannot be too large, or it would destroy the Earth.  It 
must be in an orbit OUTSIDE ours in order to FALL past us at a speed
which would spin up our rotation.  It must either be in an unstable
orbit, or be easily disturbed out of its current orbit, or both.  Yet
it must have enough mass to spin up the Earth.

   Only Mars fits this description.

   So it appears the cause of the shortening of the days that Satan is
so upset about in Revelation 12 is Mars itself coming by the Earth so
close that its tidal pull accelerates Earth rotation.  But at such close
quarters, Mars itself will be pulled apart.

   Ah, but what will knock Mars out of its current, albeit unstable,

   The cause would have to be another large object, but this time, on 
the scale of a small moon.  The question has been: Are there erratic
objects of such size--roughly 500 to 1000 kilometers in diameter--out
on the edge of our Solar System?

   Until 1993, the answer would have been, "No."  But that year the first
Kuiper Belt Objects, or KBO's, were discovered.  They fit exactly this
description.  They are moon-sized objects just beyond Neptune in very
unstable orbits: Just what the prophecies require.

   HUNDREDS of these KBO's are now known, and some are LARGER than the
required size.  There appear to be planet-sized KBO's, and Pluto is now
being classed by some astronomers as a KBO.  Some of the orbits are so
elliptical, they look almost cometary.  For a KBO to knock Mars out of
orbit, it must strike it more or less HEAD-ON.  This would be the kind
of orbit we would expect from a comet, not a planet.

   Jesus said, "There will be SIGNS in the Sun, in the Moon, and IN 
   THE STARS [ie PLANETS] and upon Earth distress of nations, with 
   perplexity [confusion](due to) THE SEA AND THE WAVES ROARING [the
   tidal waves generated by Mars' approach, which also disturbs the
   orbit of the Moon]. MEN'S HEARTS FAILING THEM [the coming of Mars
   will create such stress men will die of heart attacks out of fear]
   FOR FEAR [literally, BECAUSE OF 'PHOBOS'--one of the two moons of
   Mars that will be swinging perilously near the Earth] AND BECAUSE
   OF LOOKING AFTER [anticipating in advance due to the calculations
   of our scientists and the reporting of global news media] THOSE
   THINGS WHICH ARE COMING UPON THE EARTH [ie, Mars, its two moons],
   FOR THE POWERS OF HEAVEN SHALL BE SHAKEN [several of the heavenly
   bodies--Mars, its moons, our Moon, the Earth, and by perception,
   the Sun's appearance in our sky--will be disturbed]."[Lk 21:25-26]

   Once we begin looking for references to Mars in the prophecies, they
turn up everywhere.  It is a cosmic 'sword' that cuts through some of the
'knottiest' puzzles in the Bible.  Viewed in the light of Mars, bizzare
passages suddenly seem quite 'ordinary' in scientific terms.

   According to the Bible, it seems, Mars must come by the Earth one last
time, to complete its ancient destiny and fulfil Satan's punishment. But
it is also obvious that none of this will happen unexpectedly.  It will
be global news. We will know months or years in advance that something is
on its way to hit Mars.  And then the long countdown to when Mars comes
by the Earth will begin.

   But beware.  This is only the BEGINNING.  Revelation indicates that
this merely ushers in the reign of the Beast system.  No doubt there is
going to be massive chaos and panic when Mars comes by and the length of
our days is cut to 16 hours.  A strong military force will be used by the
world's rulers to restore order [Rev 13].  It is then that the dreaded
"Mark of the Beast" will be required to buy or sell.

   In the meantime, the good news is that we will get plenty of warning
before all of these things begin to happen.  Otherwise, men's hearts could
hardly fail them out of anticipation of what is coming upon the Earth.


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Near the bottom of this page is our discussion about a Bible Code showing Mars almost "colliding" with the Earth in 2012 AD. (For those of you too lazy to read the article above, the Bible does NOT say Mars will collide with the earth, but that it will be torn apart as it goes by the earth. If you've read that we say otherwise, ignore whoever misinformed you. Our position is stated quite clearly above.)