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Biblical Secrets

This page is a guide to all the articles in this website about the Holy Bible, its design and origins.

The links to each of these articles will be found at the right and their descriptions are under these links.

New pages are added, and old ones modified, from time to time. Any new page will be found here if related to the topic.

Links to Bible-Related Articles

  • The Scandal of Nicea
    • Was the Bible censored?
    • Have books been left out?
    • Were fake books inserted later?
    • If you're tired of rumors and speculations, here are the surprising facts.
    • The hidden structure and design of the Bible revealed. See what the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts show about the order and arrangement of the books.
    • Examples of how Bible Codes can reveal new insights about the text, confirm Scriptural discoveries, and also be misused. Includes a discussion of the Mars 2012 AD code.
    • Reconciling the chronologies of Genesis and science. Based upon surprising new discoveries by geologist Robert Schoch and others.
    • The New Testament is continually warning about false prophets, but few note it also gives rules for true prophets.