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The Time Quest

The Quest for Mankind's
Mysterious Origin and Destiny

Welcome to Chapel Perilous... In the medieval legend of Chapel Perilous, any brave knight on a quest for wisdom was able to enter this chapel by whichever way he wished. But he could not leave the same "way" he came in...

In other words, the quest for truth changes the one who discovers it. The "Chapel Perilous" experience is having yourself transformed by discovering an unexpected new way of viewing history.

This "Chapel Perilous" is presented for your discovery on website, sponsored by Hage Productions --publisher of multi-media research in various antiquarian and Biblical topics. You will learn it contains articles on many unusual subjects and unusual ways of looking at familiar subjects.

Here you'll discover discussions on the Bible, the Grail Hallows, even the mysterious Nabatean fortress at Petra. We display investigations linking Mars with UFO's, megalithic structures, and human sacrifices. You may even tumble down the rabbit hole into realms which connect past planetary cataclysms upon Mercury and Mars with prophecies about the end of this age.

At left, are those general headings which will give you access to our main subjects. Go to News & Updates for the latest news about this website. Go to The Origins of Evil for articles which cover Satan, Lucifer, Lilith, & topics linked to them... The Family of Jesus has links to articles about Jesus, and His life and family connections. Next The Bible has articles on the history & design of the Scriptures... including a discussion of Bible Codes. News & Updates! will be the page on which new articles are announced. But links on the index pages at left could lag a day or two.

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