LILITH: The Uncensored Version

   WARNING:  This page is NOT suitable for children due
   to the sexual and bloody nature of the Lilith legend.


   Millions of women worldwide have been increasingly drawn
to the story of Lilith because they have heard she was some
sort of "equal" to Adam in Jewish legend.  This "feminist"
version of Eve supposedly has become the patron-saint of the
lesbian movement as well as witches, New Age adherents, and
a wide variety of musical performers hoping to ride the wave
of Lilith curiosity.  But just who is this Lilith?  Where is
the origin of her legend?

   Throughout history an archetypical "Wise-Woman" has been
rumored to have existed, some say even before Adam.  Others
say she was made at the same time as Adam.  Some even think
she was the "wife" of Yahweh, although that idea is mostly
recent speculation by a few radical scholars. This proposed
Asherah-Yahweh link is unmentioned in the Lilith legends.

   There are two basic forms of the Lilith legend in Jewish
tradition.  In one, she is created along with Adam and felt
herself equal; the joke here was that she was a little more
equal because she wanted to ALWAYS be on top during sex.  In
the other version, she is some sort of angelic being and the
mate of Lucifer, whom she leaves in order to try to have sex
with Adam.  The theory here is that Lucifer seduces Eve, and
so his female counterpart seduces Adam.  But that would pre-
suppose first, that Lucifer is Satan, and second, that Satan
had succeeded in mating with Eve.

   So which is the true version?  What really lies behind
these modern versions of the ancient Lilith legend?  Is she
based upon a real person?  Just who was this Lilith?

   We may be able to shed some light on this dark figure:
In the older tales she is "The Night Hag" who haunts men
in their sleep as a succubus--extracting their seed, it is
said, in order to produce a race of "Lilem" or astral beings
that serve her as an army of the night.  Now that is one of
the Lilith myths you won't often hear at feminist rallies.

   All sources agree that she was originally in some sense a
contemporary of Adam.  And she is said to be his equal or in
some stories, an angel.  She could shape-shift like an angel
and become a "beautiful woman" or a fowl of the air.  Still,
she also is described as human like Adam, but claiming some
sort of superiority to Eve.  It all seems very confusing.

   The clue comes in the rabbinical legends that make her the
sister/mate of Lucifer.  If we can identify Lucifer, we might
be able to discover more about Lilith.

   Lucifer is called the brother of Diana by wiccans.  That
makes Lilith and Diana apparently identical.  So Lilith may
share Diana's role as the Huntress of the Night, goddess of
the Moon.  That certainly fits Lilith, who was well-known as
the Jewish version of the patroness of witches.

   The root "LIL" in "LILith" is also a link to Lucifer, who
was called the "ILLuminated One."  We can still find in our
language many "LIL"/"ILL" associations.

   Her brother Lucifer, the 'light-bringer' is supposedly a
god of the sun, but his light is really considered an inner
light, or "ILLumination."  He is identical to Prometheus, or
"Forethought" (actually, this name means to act "before one
thinks"--that is, on instinct, or by "inspiration") in the
Greek myths about the one who is punished for bringing fire
(ie, psychic "ILLumination") to mankind.

   The ONLY Biblical text (Is 14:12) that mentions "Lucifer"
is referring in the Hebrew to a human being named "H'ILL" or
"The ILL" (meaning "The ILLumined One").  The actual name is
"H'ILL."  "Lucifer" is a LATIN TRANSLATION of the meaning of
the Hebrew name "H'ILL" or "The ILLumined One."  So there is
NO ONE named "Lucifer" at all; his name is "H'ILL"--and that
itself is not really a name, but a DESCRIPTION of a MAN who
has the odd characteristic of SHINING or GLOWING.  Nowhere
does the text identify this person as Satan or even an angel
as such.  It is a text about the King of Babylon at the time
of the end of this age, and it expressly calls "Lucifer" or
"H'ILL" a "MAN" (Is 14:16): "Is this ["Lucifer"] the MAN who
made the nations tremble?"

   If "H'ILL/Lucifer" is the HUSBAND of LILith--as Israeli
Rabbi Herzl Rosenblum of Tel Aviv insists--then Isaiah is
prophesying about LILith's mate appearing at the end of the
age and ascending "above the stars...above the heights of
the clouds..." {Is 14:13,14) [The new 'Original Bible' text
of Isaiah by Dr. James D. Tabor intimates the existence of
LILith with H'ILL/Lucifer in Is 14; he renders his mate as,
"the exactress of gold"--a detail Zechariah Sitchin fans
will find familiar.]

   If LILith's mate--H'ILL/Lucifer is expected to appear at
the end of this age, could she also make an appearance?  Is
she just a woman?  How could LILith and H'ILL be people in
ancient legend, yet show up in the latter days?  Are they
time-travellers?  Or is Rabbi Rosenblum right when he says
they are both angels after all?  Just who was "H'ILL"?

   The Sumerians wrote of an "EnLIL"--the "ILLumined One" or
the "One who Shines."  The words "ILLustrious" or "ILLumine"
or "ILLustrate" or "ILLusion" or "WILLful" or "ILL" are just
a few that may preserve memory of his name or title and the
reputation he developed.  We still speak of "an ILL wind" in
the sense of "an EVIL wind," for example.

   The basic account about the devil is that he caused Adam
and Eve to lose immortality.  If he were the cause of death,
then the devil was responsible for all the "ILLs" that lead
to death.  Among his Hebrew names are "SatanIL" and "SamIL."
The root "SAM-" means "poison"--that is, something that was
known to cause "ILLness" and death.  Whether used as word by
itself, or as a prefix or suffix, "IL/ILL" became a common
identification of the "Devil," the source of "evIL" and the
death to which it leads.  Because "Lucifer" is really just
a Latin translation of "H'ILL"--"The ILLumined One"--or "The
Light-bearing One," it appears that "ILL" began as the word
signifying "ILLumination" and later became identified with
the concept of "ILLness" and "evIL" as a secondary meaning.
It may even go back to a proper name of some primordial or
angelic being, that is, his original identifying name. The
"H'ILL" may have been his name, or a word to link someone
--a human--to him: "He who is of ILL" or even "Son of ILL."

   His sister LILith has also left her name in the language.
The root "LIL" may be added to by various feminine endings:
"LILah, LILette, LOLita, LOLa, LILina, LILy, DeLILah, etc."

   The "LIL" means she glows pale white, the color of death
and plague, or the pale white of the MOON.  The myth of the
white female unicorn, the "virgin" who violently resists any
man ruling her, may be a key to Lilith.  The unicorn is said
to be a very dangerous creature, not the sweet innocent pony
of children's cartoons. The unicorn is sacred to LILith, but
she is not really a virgin herself--except in the technical
sense that she has never really been in love with any man.
She has sex only for utilitarian purposes, not because she
has any natural affection for men.

   According to the histories or legends of the Sumerians,
EnLIL (and his sister-wife "NIN-HUR-SAG") fled the earth at
the time of the Deluge.  Fear of drowning seems rather human
for gods or even angels, although demonic beings are said to
be unable to pass through water and are supposedly thereby
able to attain "rest" inside human and animal bodies, which
are largely made of water.  Water, then, might also serve to
trap or imprison such beings--for example, beneath the floor
of the sea.

   The Biblical tradition says the Nephilim or "Fallen Ones"
were on the earth before the Flood and afterwards, but they
appear to be missing during the Flood.  They were the elite
"Mighty Ones" or "men of renown" who are called "giants" and
who were the offspring of the "Sons of God" or Fallen Angels
who raped women.  A spirit who has sex with a woman was also
known as an Incubus, the male counter-part of the Succubus,
which was the role traditionally accorded LILith.  Thus, the
Incubus would be Lucifer or H'ILL.

   It appears the confusion about the nature of LILith may
relate to her dual nature, part woman, part angel.  She may
be the offspring of a Fallen Angel, inheriting characterics
of both her parents.  That would mean her brother Lucifer or
H'ILL is also a hybrid--son of a Fallen Angel and an earthly

   The rabbis have such a story.  The union resulted in two
offspring:  male and female twins.

   The old rabbinical tale involves the angel "Samael," who
ruled the 5th heaven, that is, the house of Aries, which is
ruled by Mars as a rising star.  Samael left Mars and came
to the earth where he encountered Eve in the Garden.  As an
Incubus, he fathered Cain and Cain's twin sister, "LULuwa,"
by Eve.  The Hebrew ending "-uwa" means "of Eve" or simply
"a woman."  It is similar to "-ith" in LILith.  In Hebrew,
"LIL-ith" and "LIL-uwa" have the same basic meaning.

   The Jewish legend about Cain and his sister LULuwa or
LILith implies that Cain is Lucifer, the shining one, the
light-bearer, H'ILL.  Was Cain known to "shine" or "glow"?
Could he inherit some kind of angelic "ILLumination" from
his legendary father Samael?

   It seems he may.  Genesis twice states, in the Hebrew of
chapter 4, that Cain "GLOWED GREATLY, and his countenance
fell" after God failed to react to his sacrifice offering
in the same dramatic way He had to Abel's [See our article
on "THE JAWS OF DEATH" via the link below].

   The Genesis 4 Hebrew word meaning to "shine" or "glow"
is the root of such words as "horn" and "corn" and "crown."
It is used of Moses after he comes down from the mountain,
and his face "shown" so that the Israelites could not look
upon him.  That is a bright light.  And Genesis says Cain's
face "glowed GREATLY"--which signifies a VERY bright light.

   The word caused some readers confusion.  It can also be
rendered as "had horns" and Moses is often shown with horns
because of this.  Some rabbis felt Cain had a horn growing
out of his forehead--like a unicorn...that is, like LILith.
Other stories had Cain given two horns as the "mark" which
God put on his forehead to protect him.  It is for the same
reason that Lucifer and his father Satan are depicted with
horns; as "shining ones," they could also be considered as
having horns due to the dual meaning of the Hebrew word.

   After fathering Cain and Liltih, Samael was given a name
we are more familiar with: Satan, the "One who Sits as Judge
or Accuses."  The idea is that, having been caught defiling
Eve, he began accusing all humans of sin to make his offense
seem less serious by comparison.  He became the Prosecutor
of the human race.

   In the New Testament Christian writings, Jesus is placed
in the alternative role of Defense Attorney; John says, "We
have an ADVOCATE before the Father, even Jesus Christ, the
Righteous."  The Messiah or Christ is contrasted with Satan
and Lucifer, his son, the False Christ, the spirit of Cain,
who killed Abel, the type of Christ, the Good Shepherd.  In
all these parallels the ancient rivalry between Cain and the
true sons of Adam, Abel and Seth, and later Jesus, is meant
to convey the sense of a cosmic struggle between two family
lines: The legitimate one from Adam and the illegitimate one
from Samael/Satan.  These two genetic streams became mixed
at the time of Noah, Genesis says.  So the two DNA types are
supposedly intertwined in all of us to a greater or lesser

   Jesus seems to refer to this idea frequently.  He speaks
of "the (human) seed planted by God" and "the seed sown by
the evil one."  He says the two will grow up together until
the last days when the wheat will be divided from the chaff,
which would signify that the nutritious part of the wheat
would be divided from the indigestible part in each grain.

   Jesus acknowledged that the descendents of Abraham (as He
was Himself through Mary) could also be "sons of your father
the devil...who was a MURDERER from the beginning."  In the
Hebrew usage, the phrase "from the beginning" was how Jews
referred to the book of Genesis.  So Jesus was saying that
the "devil" fathered human offspring and "was a MURDERER in
the book of Genesis."

   The "MURDERER" in Genesis, of course, was Cain.  Jesus
indicated that Cain was not merely "a" devil, but THE devil,
the evil one.  Cain literally embodied Satan in some way and
the way Jesus is indicating is biological.  Satan was Cain's
father, in other words.

   John, in his first epistle, all but asserts this openly.
He says, "In this, the CHILDREN of God are manifest and the
CHILDREN OF THE DEVIL...For this is the message which you
have heard FROM THE BEGINNING [ie IN GENESIS] that we should
love one another, NOT AS CAIN, who was OF THAT WICKED ONE
and slew his brother...[1 Jn 3:10-12]"  The expression "OF
THAT WICKED ONE" in Greek is the standard way of indicating
sonship, that is, that Cain was the SON OF the Wicked One,
which would here mean that Cain was the son of Satan.

   LILith was not only Cain/Lucifer's sister; she became his
wife as well.  As soon as Cain is exiled to the east of Eden
and therefore toward Jordan and the Euphrates Valley of what
is now Iraq, Genesis says "he knew his wife" and she brought
forth a son.  So Genesis indicates Cain had a sister his age
(which must have been c.13 because it seems the time of his
exile was also the first time he had sex with his wife and
that she was also exiled with him).  In the Apocrypha and
Pseudepigrpha, her name is LULuwa, and she becomes his wife.
[See "The Second Book of ADAM & EVE," chapter I, verse 6.]
It is also implied that the two had animosity toward each
other ["The First Book of ADAM & EVE," ch LXXIV, vs 6-8].

   It is well known that Lilith is the Hebrew version of
Isis, but few realize that the word used for Cains' "wife"
in Genesis 4 is "ISh'T" which became "Auset" in Egyptian
and "Isis" in Greek.  Cains' "wife" IS Isis, ie Lilith.
Like lilith, Isis is reckoned "Queen of the witches" and
kills and kidnaps babies, and rules without a man.

   Now we see these twins BOTH exiled, and as twins, BOTH
must have been "shining" with the same notorious glow, and
possibly BOTH had been cursed with horns, as BOTH struggled
to survive and not be killed.  Genesis even implies that it
is possible for Cain to be killed and revive, for Cain says
"EVERY ONE that finds me will slay me," as if they can kill
him more than once.  There is a mark put on his forehead to
prevent anyone from killing Cain.

   The notion that Cain could be killed repeatedly and then
revive is akin to the Highlander legend.  The idea is that
an Immortal can experience the pain and agony of death, but
will not succumb.  Cain seemed to fear he might become some
sort of pitiful creature used for target practice, but who
could not die permanently.  There are several ancient tales
about cursed men who cannot die, including a whole series of
stories surrounding Jesus.  In one, Judas is revived after
he hangs himself and becomes a "good" vampire who is still
living today [See our link to the "ISCARIOT" page below].

   But the classic ancient tale of this kind is Prometheus.
After bringing enlightenment or fire to mankind, he was then
punished by God and 'CHAINED TO A ROCK' where he CANNOT DIE,
but is continually having his liver eaten by a GRYPHON: This
was a mutant angelic beast which had been fed human children
in its "youth."  The word "G'R'Ph'ON" derives from Ch'R'B or
Cherub.  Satan is called a "cherub" in Ezekiel 28.  Thus, it
appears Prometheus was being eaten by a cherub, which may be
Satan himself.  The "cherub" was NOT a cute baby angel, but
a four-faced dragon-like being of grim disposition.

   Prometheus is the brother of Epimetheus ("after-thought"
or "one who acts after thinking."  The primal brother was
linked with the fallen angel in this version of the Genesis
story.  He is punished by God for his rash act.  God exiles
him to a "ROCK"--which in the Greek original was the word
"PETRA."  As we have shown elsewhere, Adam and Eve were in
fact exiled to Petra.  It seems the Greek legend has mixed
Adam, H'ILL/Cain and Satan together in one story, for all
sinned, were exiled, and brought "enlightenment" to man.

   The monstrous "Gryphon" is a devouring cherub, as was
Satan, who is said to go about the world as a raging lion,
seeking those whom he may devour.  The lion was one of the
four "faces" of the cherub.  The "K'R'B" root in Egyptian
language was used to describe a Scarabeus-like beetle that
was the symbol for light on the eastern horizon and also
their zodiacal sign for Scorpio.  Even the word "SCORPIO"
breaks down into "S-K'oR'P-io" or "s-K'R'B-io"; a "K'R'B"
or cherub.  Scorpio is, of course, the sign of Death, and
hence, of Satan.  In rabbinical astrology, Scorpio is the
sign of Dan, the serpent by the pathway.

   But there was an even earlier tradition of the heavens
among the Hebrews.  Josephus says Seth, the son of Adam,
named the stars and his sons formed a priesthood that kept
charts of the heavens.  If we look at the structure of the
sky, we see six sets of male and female signs.  Each pair
of signs relates to an ancient form of human work:  Aries
and Taurus are both Herding signs, for example.  Aquarius
and Pisces are Fishing signs.  Scorpio and Libra were once
one giant Scorpion related to Farming, Cain's occupation.
In the earliest form of the zodiac, then, it seems Scorpio
and Libra represented Cain and his wife LULuwa or LILith.
Its key star, Antares ("Substitute for Mars"), was placed
symbolically on the breastplate of the High Priest in the
form of an amethyst, whose color is VIOLET, the favorite
color of LILith--the color of combined RED AND BLUE BLOOD.

   The Greek story of Prometheus includes CANNIBALISM and
subtle references to MUTANT CHERUBS that feed on humanity.
In one sense, Prometheus is chained to PETRA, but in other
ways of looking at it, he is chained to the planet.  Satan
is said in Genesis to be "cursed" to go on his "belly" ON
THE EARTH.  In Revelation, Satan is CAST DOWN TO THE EARTH
from his "place" in heaven.  The Prometheus story clearly
was composed in a poetic way, with multiple meanings.  He
is Cain, the ILLumined brother, exiled and condemned to be
tormented, but not die.  His torment comes from the cherub
Satan who, in effect, is gnawing away inside him.  There
is even a hint of his Satanic nature having driven him to
eat Abel's flesh in his youth. [See THE JAWS OF DEATH.]

   If Cain inherited some degree of "immortality" from his
father Satan, then his twin sister LILith might also.  Even
without such genetic advantages, Seth's sons seem to live to
great ages approaching 1000 "years" [We will discuss the use
of the term rendered "year" in Genesis another time].  What
many people overlook is that the Bible nowhere states how
long Cain and his offspring lived or when or if every one of
them died.  Although those ON THE EARTH would have drowned
in the kind of global Deluge described in Genesis, there is
indication in the Bible and other ancient writings that SOME
of Cain's line--and Cain/H'ILL himself--survived the Deluge
by LEAVING THE EARTH and coming back afterwards.  It is said
the CHIEF of the Nephilim, the offspring of Cain's line, was
named "H'LEL" [R. Saadaiah, "Polemic Against Hiwi Al Balkhi,"
pp. 64-66 (9th century)], which is essentially the same name
as "H'ILL" in Isaiah 14.  The CHIEF Nephilim, that is, the
one who was the heir, or the FIRSTBORN of Satan, would have
been Cain if he had been still living, as the name "H'LEL"
suggests he was.  The text states that this "HeLEL" had gone
away before the Flood and had returned to the earth to build
the Tower of Babel [To understand why he was building giant
megalithic structures, see our article "MEGALITHS & BLOOD"].

   If Cain survived the Flood by leaving the earth, then it
seems LILith may have also. She certainly had capabilities
that could have saved her. The legends attribute the power
of shape-shifting to LILith.  As the offspring of an angel,
she should have had such abilities.  Angels are said to be
able to disguise themselves as ordinary-looking humans, or
to manifest as "angels of light" when they choose.  LILith
was said to turn into a bird as well as a beautiful woman--
which implies she was not so attractive in her natural form.
The expression "Night Hag" is hers, but so is "Night Mary,"
the origin of our word "nightmare"--originally meaning the
experience of a man waking up to find a Succubus (ie LILith)
on top of him.

   It is conceivable that "Night Mary" may still be showing
herself to susceptible individuals, arrayed as a beautiful
woman, glowing with light.  Many such reports exist.  Most
of the cases, in spite of what one might expect, do not say
the woman identifies herself.  Instead, she appears to let
the local observers identify her.  Sometimes she is called
a nymph or goddess.  Sometimes she prophesies doom.  She
likes to change her shape and form in front of witnesses.

   One of her favorite forms is that of the owl, which can
be seen flanking her on ancient Sumerian reliefs.  As the
first "wise woman" or witch of the night, LILith was also
Minerva or Athena, the warrior virgin goddess of wisdom--
famous for prophecy and her affinity for owls.

   "Athena" means "Lady" and she was known as "The Virgin"
and her temple in Athens, the Parthenon, was dedicated to
"The Lady Virgin."  She was much sought for her prophecies
and wisdom as well as her military prowess.

   LILith often asks shrines to be built around the site of
a spring or fountain where she appears.  Pilgrims are then
invited to come and drink the waters.  Haunted outflows of
deep-rock springs are thought to harbor spiritual entities.
Shrines are usually enclosed in darkness.  Thus, beings can
come up from the earth and enter the pilgrims without ever
risking exposure to sunlight.  Because these spirits might
have power to create "signs" and some types of healing, the
public is often eager to ingest these "miraculous" waters.
The Bible and many other ancient traditions warn of spirit
beings trapped under the earth where such waters originate.
[Note Rev 9:1-11]

   LILith as Healer/Wise Woman is the Patron of Witches, a
"white" witch who uses her "powers" for healing.  But she
also THREATENS people with horrible punishments who refuse
to obey her.  

   One strange feature of modern apparitions is that many
of them occur just before terrible local calamities, most
of which are man-made (ie wars, persecutions, etc.).  The
"prophecies" seem to be connected to man-made punishments,
rather than divine wrath from above.

   LILith seems to have an affinity for armies.  So common
were her military manifestations, the Greeks portrayed her
in full battle armour.  Even today, there are reports of an
apparition of a female entity in front of U.S. soldiers in

   In the late 11th century, a monk named Bernard was given
detailed instructions by a female apparition who appeared in
southern France.  She had him create an army of knights who
would take vows of chastity.  They became the Templars, men
who were famous for their violent and bloody warfare during
the Crusades, but later were accused of employing witchcraft
and engaging in sodomy.  They were said to have later become
occultists and dispensed with their vows, for the most part.

   The area of southern France from which the Templars and
their leaders were derived had ancient links to the royal
family of Herod, whose mother was a princess from Petra. In
39 AD, Herod Antipas was exiled to this area of France with
his wife Herodias, a great granddaughter of Petra and Esau's
royal line, the woman who asked for John the Baptist's head
to be served to her on a dinner platter.

   Herodias' cannibalistic request includes her OWNERSHIP of
the skull of John the Baptist.  This very skull is said to
have become the single most sacred relic owned by the heads
of the Templars.  How did they INHERIT the skull of John the
Baptist, if not from Herodias?

   It would be appropriate, then, if LILith chose Herodias'
heirs as the core of her special virgin army of very violent
human unicorns, the Templars.  If LILith launched all these
Crusader wars, it explains centuries of monstrous bloodshed.

   LILith, it seems, is notorius for her lust for power, her
deceitful apparitions, her changing into a beautiful woman,
and her desire to dominate men and scare children.

   Is it possible she is the False Prophet of Revelation?
The Greek does NOT say it is a man, even though translators
have assumed so.  But one major clue is that this Prophet
will "cause" the world to UNITE POLITICALLY AND MILITARILY
and to adopt a GLOBAL SYSTEM OF MONEY EXCHANGE (the "Mark
of the Beast").  It will also "cause" a GLOBAL RELIGIOUS
PERSECUTION of Christians who refuse to submit.

   There are dozens of warnings about false prophets who
perform "signs and wonders" as the end nears.  And Jesus
especially warns about false prophets who seek to "alarm"
Christians by talk of "WARS and RUMORS [WARNINGS] OF WARS."
Jesus told the Apostles to "Take heed that no one [not even
LILith] deceive you...for [before the end of the age comes]
...false prophets...shall show great signs and wonders, in-
somuch that, if possible, they may deceive the very elect."
That is, even top church leaders could fall into deception

   The Bible says a False Prophet will do "great wonders so
that [she?] makes fire come down from the sight
of men, and deceives those who dwell on the earth by those
miracles [she?] had power to do...and causes all who would
not worship [as she? comands] to be killed."[Rev. 13:11-15]

   LILith loves to deceive, to trick, to change her shape
and make people do her will.  That is the common theme of
every ancient story about LILith.  Given the legends about
her, LILith could even become the deceiver of the Church
Jesus spoke of:  The one we may one day call, "The False
   If we are now approaching the predicted end of the age,
then we should already be seeing the False Prophet--or the
False Prophetess--prophesying right out in the open, while
performing signs and wonders and deceiving Christians on a
global scale.

   In this connection, many males who claim abduction by a
UFO describe a sexual assault by a "beautiful alien woman."
Most people dismiss these accounts, but in light of global
LILith stories of a similar nature, it might be wise if we
took the reports by these terrified men more seriously.  If
the LILith legends are linked to modern UFO abductions and
"signs & wonders" seen in the heavens, then it becomes very
relevant that many abductees claim to have dire "prophecies"
of global wars and ecological catastrophes given to them by
their alleged aliens.

   The UFO abductions bear many similarites with the older
LILith accounts.  LILith would carry off her victims in the
night.  Like the aliens, many would never return.  She was
said to drink human blood and eat her victims, and the same
is often reported being done by aliens seen by the abductee
witnesses or other non-abductee witnesses--not to mention
the reports of cattle mutilations and associated UFO's.  A
disturbingly large number of children are involved in these
abductions by LILith and by UFO's.  The stories of LILith
and UFO's both involve shape-shifting and inter-dimmensional
phenomena.  Sexual agression by aliens is common in witness
tales as in the LILith legends.  Both use sleep paralysis
to immobilize victims.  Both prophesy.  Both occasionally
perform "healings" and leave behind scars.  Both use terror
as a weapon of control.  Both employ hypnotic trances.

   In fact, the similarities are so striking that there are
serious medical researchers who think they are really both
the same phenomenon, which they attribute to disturbances
in the brain during sleep paralysis.  But like LILith, UFO's
also frequently are said to abduct people who are are awake,
not in bed, albeit alone in locales with few witnesses.

   Even in the dream state, people report aliens giving them
prophetic warnings and other messages.  LILith did the same.
As Diana or Athena, for example, she often appeared in dream
form.  Diana gave Brutus the order to go to Britain after he
fled Troy when she appeared to him in a dream.  Athena was
the patroness of prophecy because of all her dream warnings.
Those rabbis who classed LILith as an "angel" were actually
calling her a "messenger" spirit, ie. a prophetic being.

   Some people are now claiming Princess Diana is appearing
to them or in their dreams and giving them prophecies.  The
similar nature of the dream messages to UFO warnings may be
a clue to the true nature of these reports.  It appears the
activities of LILith don't change; only her "name" seems to
vary.  In the end, all these phenomena can just as easily
be classed under the ancient banner of LILith.

    [Lilith's UFO's: See MEGALITHS & BLOOD link below.]


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