Dawn of the Millennium Chart

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Events in 1998 That are Ushering in the Third Millennium Since the Birth of Jesus

2,000th Anniversaries of the Birth, Circumcision, and Public Presentation in the Temple in Jerusalem as Measured by the Jewish Lunar Calendar, the Roman Solar Calendar, and the One-Month Delayed Lunar Calendar.

By Jewish Lunar Date
BY Roman Solar Date
By Lunar Delay Date

BIRTH (1st day of 6th month, 3BC, September 11th) Human events in lower -case type; natural, heavenly or spiritual events in Bold type:

August 22, 1998

September 11, 1998

September 21, 1998

Clinton hit by perjury scandal; terrorists hit by USA vow vengance. Beginning of Jewish Days of Repentance, 40 days before Yom Kippur.

Starr Report released. Partial-birth abortion veto override fails. Green fireballs, UFO's over USA, Canada.

Clinton tape on TV. Green/Red fireballs over USA, Australia. Solar Flares erupt. Massiver Aurora seen -- Feast of Trumpets -- Jewish New Year

Fifth Day After Birth: For reasons not clear, there were spectacular new events on the fifth days after the 2000th birth anniversaries--possibly a heavenly sign of displeasure, a sort of divine "slap in the face". . . (Note: This day originally commerated Israel's crossing of the Jordan River from wilderness to begin assault on the Promised Land under Joshua. . . may therefore represent the start of the "war" upon mankind. . .)

August 27/28, 1998
September 16/17, 1998
September 25/26, 98

Greatest extra-solar star-burst ever seen "dents" atmosphere with massive gamma and x-rays. Two satellites overloaded. Super-magnet neutron star blamed for eruption. Huge auroral displays at the poles of the earth.

Bizarre missing 90 minutes. Time-warp reported in Western United States. Fireballs and UFOs in United States causes flood of reports.

Massive solar flare "dents" atmosphere. Quake jolts midwest Red firefalls swarm over Australia: odd fire puts millions in Australia on gas and fuel rationing.

Circumcision of Jesus: September 18, 3 B.C., at start of Eighth Day
August 29, 1998 September 19, 1998 September 28, 1998
Scientists decide to conceal Star-Burst as flood of data comes in. Vote to release Clinton video-tape on Feast of Trumpets, September 21. Fireballs, UFOs, flares, auroras in USA and Canada Star-Burst report released to media. Mideast peace talks led by Clinton. Hurricane, Floods in USA.
PRESENTATION IN TEMPLE of Jesus, Yom Kippur, 3 BC; millions witness it. High Priest Simeon Boethus, father-in-law of King Herod, prophesies of baby Jesus and Mary upon emerging from Holy of Holies. This implies a link to public announcements on the dates below...
September 30-October 1, 1998 October 20-21, 1998 October 31-November 1, 1998
Yom Kipper... Financial turmoil. NSA and NATO in Bosnia War confrontation crises. Charles and Camilla to wed. Impeachment hearings set.
Forty days after September 11. Peace Talks with Arafat and Netanyahu, aided by King Hussein of Jordan who was fighting cancer; King's death would affect Petra. Clinon pressed treaty to aid impeachment battle: a treaty signed October 23, 1998.
One Month After Yom Kipper.

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