Chronology of the Millennium

This Generation

2,000 Years Earlier

NOTE: Some dates in the present period may be delayed one month in their 2000th anniversary due to Jewish calendar and the Torah rule which allows for keeping Passover and Pentecost ONE MONTH LATE when returning from a long journey or touching a dead body of a relative.

23 March 1993:

Skull of Goliath found in Valley of Elah in Judean foothills where the ancient battle with David occurred; giant skull had an embedded stone in forehead and had been severed by a sword; Carbon-14 date was 2900-3000 BP; Dr. Richard Martin made the announcement, spring 1994; Goliath, as giant, would be classed a son of Nephilim.


16 July 1994

9th of Av Memorial day on which both The Temple of Solomon and Temple of Herod burned. Shoemaker-Levi Comet hits Jupiter; 21 fragments hit & leave earth-size spots in Jupiter's atmosphere Jupiter called "Zadek" or "Righteous"; symbolizes the Messiah; Bible Codes found to predict impacts name both Zadek and Jupiter.

7 B.C.E.

1995 6 B.C.E.
1996 5 B.C.E.

23-24 March 1996 Midnight

Comet Hyakutake suddenly is seen directly over North Pole on night of spectacular closest approach to earth.

23 March 5 BCE

Total Eclipse of the Moon. . .

11 April 1996

Comet Hyakutake crosses star Algol, the "Ghoul" or "Ras Shaitan"("Head of Satan") in the Medusa head cut off by Perseus, considered triple symbol of Antichrist, the Dragon/Satan and Lilith or the False Prophetess; named by Magi of Petra, c. A.D. 70.


August 1996

Life in Mars meteorite said to have been discovered. Scottish royal line claims descendency from Jesus and Mary Magdelene not knowing she was his step-mother and wife of Joseph of Arimathea who adopted Jesus at age 30.


October 1996

British scientists announce life signs in second Mars meteorite.

November 1996

Stone of Destiny, AKA Jacob's Pillar(?), removed from English Throne and returned to Edinburgh, Scotland on St. Andrew's Day .


December 1996

Mars probe launched, the End of the Age Begins?

December 5 B.C.E.

Lot falls on Zachariah of Abia to serve in Temple on eve of Pentecost 4 B.C.E. First recorded event of the New Testament era.


4 B.C.E.

23 March

Night of 92% partial lunar eclipse conjunct with Mars month before Passover at its closest to earth, a month before Passover; Hale Bopp makes closest approach to earth; Heaven's Gate suicide of 39 in San Diego; full moon of Purim, which commemorates hanging of Haman, whose name means "Mars" by interpretation, Whereas Mordecai = Jupiter and Esther = Venus, which combined to form "star" of Bethlehem (June 17, 2 B.C.E.)


Night of partial lunar eclipse one

11 April

Hale-Bopp crosses Algol/Ras Shaitan a year to day after Hyakutake, forming gigantic 20,000-year "X" over star. Fire almost destroys Shroud of Turin as church burns.


Passover of Zachariah begins count to Pentecost eve, possible Jubilee date of Daniel's prophecy of Messiah.



Eve of Pentecost; Zachariah greeted by Angel Gabriel (often linked to Mars) next to Incense Altar in Holy Place; told Elizabeth will bear son named John. Struck dumb until child is born.

4 July

Possible Pentecost delay day. 50th anniversary Roswell UFO. Pathfinder lands on Mars; images show Mars "Deluge" and artificial flat stone block.


Possible conception of John the Baptist.

31 August

Diana Princess of Wales dies after motorbike cuts ahead of limo and sets off flash that blinds driver. William is 5,550 days old. Ex-MI6 officer will claim a year later British Intelligence watched Diana and had plan to assassinate leaders using flash of light to cause an accident in a tunnel.

21-24 September 21-24

Fall Equinox 16th anniversary of the apparent conception of William, son of Diana, heir to Scottish line and throne of Great Britain.


13 December

Spectacular Grand Clustering of all nine planets and sun and moon at sunset.

8 December

Gabriel tells Mary she is to bear the Messiah; she goes to tell Elizabeth Jesus conceived.



26 February

Total Eclipse of the Sun, Water on Moon; manned trip to Mars moved up sooner. Britain's Queen Elizabeth changes royal succession to remove male bias Egytian temple found below Abydos at level earlier than "history" allows.

New Moon, February

Birth of John the Baptist, Joseph learns Mary is pregnant; has dream where angel tells him to give child Greek name Iesous to fulfill prophecy he would be named Immanuel. (Iesous = 888 = God in flesh/with us).

5 April

Image of Face on Mars taken Possible delay date for the circumcision of John the Baptist and prophecy of Zachariah. 2000th anniversary

11 April

Passover British -- N.Ireland Peace

21 June

Summer Solstice William, son of Diana, is 16 years old [born 1982]

6 August

Third Mars meteorite found to show signs of life; a sample from the Sahara in Africa.

17 August

Clinton admits lying.

19 August

U.S. hits terrorist bases Global terror war begins.

21 August

Total Eclipse of Sun seen across South Asia, Mid-East and Southeastern Europe.


*22-23 August

2000th Anniversary of birth of Jesus in Bethlehem on

1st of Elul [6th month]

Birth of Jesus 1st of Elul, Jewish date Sunset, Sept 11, 3 B.C.

Roman census in honor of Augustus Caesar's 25th year as Emperor; oath of loyalty timed to follow harvest, but precede the fall feasts. Joseph's father, Jacob of Bethlehem, refuses Joseph and Mary room in his inn; forces them to stay with animals on the first floor.

27-28 August

Spectacular star-burst in the sign of Aquilla jolts earth with gamma and x-ray radiation. Atmosphere "dented" by blast. Population dosed with x-rays. Satellites overloaded. This corresponds to Hebrew date of Israel's crossing river to begin war for Promised Land under Joshua.

11 September

2,000th anniversary of birth of Jesus in solar years by Roman SOLAR calendar count. Starr impeachment report on Clinton released to press; lurid details lead to calls for impeachment, resignation. Talk of Gore's choice for his Vice-President begins; name of Hillary Rodham Clinton is suggested. Congress fails to override the Clinton veto of abortion ban. Solar flares, aurora displays, strange green fireballs, and UFO's seen in much of U.S. and Australia, New Zealand. Wave of sightings begins this day; these strange signs continue.

16-17 September

Bizarre "missing time" gaps reported in parts of U.S. Strange signs continue...

18 September

2000th anniversary of the circumcision of Jesus by the Roman solar calendar. Congress votes to release the Clinton video testimony on Feast of Trumpets (Sept 21). Strange signs continue. . .

21 September

Fall Equinox Feast of Trumpets Possible delay date of the Birth of Jesus anniversary by Hebrew calendar method. 17th anniversary of William, heir to British throne, who was conceived on or near Fall Equinox of 1981. Clinton video released and media elects to show it. Strange signs continue. . .

25 September

Gigantic solar flare hits earth; dents atmosphere. Quake hits Ohio; felt from Canada to Chicago to NY. Red fireballs in Australia as gas plant explodes and leaves millions without fuel; rationing declared. Corresponds to delay date for Israel's crossing of river to begin war for the Promised Land; note "dent" of earth again, first by star, second by our sun. Strange signs continue...


September 30

Yom Kippur. . .

2000th anniversary of Jesus' Dedication in Temple and the announcement to the world of Messiah having been born Red Heifer may be sacrificed on site of Crucifixion Scriptural day to announce a Jubilee release of all debts. Possible public announcent about future false Messiah Archbishop of Canterbury gives permission for Prince Charles to wed Camilla, a Catholic, but she cannot be Queen. Clinton, Arafat, Netanyahu in tenative Mideast discussions. Warning of possible NATO action to bomb Serbs in Bosnia; Arabs and Russians taking sides.

20-21 October BC

Yom Kippur. . .

Dedication of Jesus by Simeon Boethus, the High Priest, formal announcement of Messiah to to Jewish world; Anna, tribe of Asher, prophesies while Simeon is inside the Holy of Holies; she's heard by several million Jewish men, women & children who are maintaining ritual silence Jewish Magi see Holy Family and note position of Jupiter/Zadek in Leo the Lion of Judah, sign of David.

October, 1998

Prince Michael of Albany, who claims Scottish Throne, head of European Council Princes, publishes book asserting his descent from King David and Jesus--ie the Messiahship -- and says Prince Charles is not true heir of Britain, on or about 2000th anniversary of official proclamation of Jesus as Messiah in 3 BC.

22-23 October, 1998

In attempt to salvage his Presidency, Clinton presses Netenyahu & Arafat into all-night talks, recruits King Hussein of Jordan, fighting deadly cancer, to join in. Treaty signed, but Hussein greatly weakened by ordeal. If he dies, PETRA and Mideast may be thrown into turnoil.


Late 3 BC to mid 2 BC

Herod removes Simeon as High Priest, divorces Simeon's daughter Mariamne, and disinherits her son Herod Philip and his wife Herodias, who had been in line to be King & Queen of Judea. Herodias, pregnant with Salome, plots to leave Herod Philip and seduce the newly-designated heir Herod Anbtipas, husband of the daughter of King Aretas the IV of Nabatea, who flees to her father who in turn raises an army to assault Antipas' capital in Galilee.



U.S House impeaches Clinton. Senate acquits him; majority votes for removal.

January-February 2 BC

Magi watch Jupiter/Zadek reverse its course & go back to the exact place in Leo it had been in on Yom Kippur, pause there, then resume forward motion while circling Regulus, the star of the "little king" in a rare triple conjunction Augustus clebrates 25th anniversary as Emperor of Rome.

17 jUNE 1999

Exact same conjunction is repeated 1991 years later.

17 jUNE 2 B.C.

Magi see Jupiter/Zadek go conjunct with Venus, planet of Israel, on horizon over Jerusalem at sunset; brightest of all possible stellar conjunctions as two touch in sign of Leo, Lion of Judah, David's sign and Jupiter once again is located where Magi had seen it on Yom Kippur.

Pentecost 1999

Jubilee release of debts and return of land by Israel not done as required by Torah.


August 2 BC

Magi leave Babylon for Nabatea to retrieve Cup of Frankincense, the Alabaster Box of Myrrh, and Gold Rod of Aaron from the Rechabites and Magi of Petra who have guarded these relics of Eden and Solomon's Temple for over half a millennium since Daniel gave them to these heirs of Benjamin and Ephraim as instructed by God in the prophecies of Jeremiah 9:2-12, Ezekiel 25:12-14, and in Obediah.

October 9-13, 2BC

Magi get relics from King Aretas IV of Petra who accompanies them on to Jerusalem; but Mary does not show up for Yom Kippur as expected. Magi taken to see Herod, who summons Chief Priests and the Sanhedrin

October 14, 2 BC

Magi head toward Bethlehem near dawn. See Jupter and Venus rising in east over Bethlehem, moving past Herod's tomb to left of town and becoming vertical to one another over a house by the inn; Joseph is just arising, having slept in a "booth" erected in front of his father's house, with whom he is now reconciled. It is the 1st day of Tabernacles as Magi arrive.

October 15, 2 B.C.E.

Joseph and Magi warned in dreams to flee; Nabateans move family to Egypt to "safe house" on Nile; Magi take northern route back to Babylon.

October 31/November 1, 2 B.C.E/

Herod sends soldiers to kill male babies under 2 years in Bethlehem


Global 2000 holiday begins, Hillary Clinton in charge.


Herod arrests entire Sanhedrin and gives order to execute them if he dies; Archelaus named Herod's heir.


1 B.C.E.

Few Y2K Bug glitches. No blackouts; riots. Yeltsin resigns in favor of Putin in Russia.


Herod arrests two top rabbis and has them burned in streets of Jerusalem January 11+. Total eclipse of moon night of deaths of the two rabbis Herod executes son Antipater Herod dies; sister Salome releases imprisoned Sanhedrin.


Stock market starts to plunge.



Passover Day. . . 6,000 die in riot inside Temple during Pasover feast.

5 May, 2000

Planetary alignment on one side of the sun against the earth in Scorpio places core of galaxy on one side of earth; all else on the sunward side in Taurus.

8 May, 2000 Giant solar flare strikes earth disrupting communications and computers.



Pentecost eve [Sabbath]

Zachariah stabbed with sacred Spear of Destiny by Joazar, the High Priest and son of Simeon, the High Priest who prophesied about Jesus previous Yom Kippur Civil War breaks out simultaneously. Temple is burned; Romans seek to loot Temple treasures; Herod's cache of gold is sought.

26 July

Traditional date for death of the father of Mary, Eli Joachim, the owner of the Sepphoris armory, whose looting by the rebels is an act of treason in Roman eyes and would have led to crucifixion Nabatean troops sent by Aretas IV to burn Sepphoris to the ground about this time; will be rebuilt following war by Nazareth -- dwelling artisans, including at least one recently returned from Egypt who left Egyptian scenes in mosaic at Sepphoris, rediscovered in 1980s.

6 Full Moon of Elul, 6th month of Jewish calendar William is 6,660 days old



Joazar put on trial by Archelaus and acquitted of aiding rebels by signalling them with Spear Romans crucify 2000 rebel "leaders"

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