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Q: Some of the weblinks you provide are really weird. Do you endorse all these people?

A: Are you mad? You know the Web is mysterious, odd, bizarre and much stranger than you are. No, we don't endorse any of these sites completely. The links are there because we feel certain information provided by other sites contributes some added dimension to the subjects discussed here. Some of the content on those sites is far afield from our views; we have to overlook that in order to link to the information related to this website. Hey, Chapel Perilous is weird enough in its own right, without bearing responsiblity for all those other strange sites!

Q: Are you some kind of church or something?

A: No. Are you?

Q: What does Chapel Perilous mean? I still don't get your point.

A: During the Middle Ages a metaphor developed for the kinds of revelation experiences that change a person's life--those that involve a sudden insight or the discovery of a new view of things. The process of exploring such life-transforming, and therefore self-changing insights, was known as "entering Chapel Perilous" or investigating something that might cause you to become a new person, in effect. Thus, the idea arose that after you entered this Chapel, you could not go out the same way you come in; that is, you would not be the same. In the case of this website, we hope you will discover such new and unexpected insights into the subject we discuss that you will be transformed for the better by the experience.

Q: Why the all the riddles?

A: Riddles stimulate your mind to think deductively, as well as associatively. And they make a game out of the quest. If you prefer dry, dull information without much fun, try going to the reference section of your local library.

Q: What's that crazy old Grail-Keeper all about?

A: Grail-Keeper? What Grail-Keeper? Is some crazy old Knight haunting our website? Don't pay any attention to him. He's harmless. Besides, didn't you see Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade? Living in a cave for centuries would drive anybody nuts. By the way, where was that cave? And who built those strange places in the desert?

Q: I thought I was asking the questions...

A: Sorry.

Q: I don't get the picture of the red leaves. What is it?

A: A visual pun identifying the speaker.

Q: I still don't get it.

A: You don't say.

Q: Well, can you at least tell me when the site will be done or basically complete?

A: The quest never ends.

Q: That batty old Grail-Keeper is more help than you are.

A: Riddlicuous!

Escape Clause:

Let Me Out of Here!