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                                            A) Joseph, was called "Y'suph" or "Joseph" by his fellow Israelites in Egypt.
                                B) Imhotep, was known as Grand Vizier under whom taxation began In Egypt[cf Gen.47:26]
                                        C) Joseph was named Zaph'n-ath-paaneah ("North Star-Point") by Pharaoh.[Gen.41:45]
                                D) Joshua, son of Nun, was a descendent of Joseph; "nun" is the name of Hebrew letter "n,"
                                      meaning "fish"--hence, the sign of Pisces, the traditional rabbinical sign of Joseph.
                                      Therefore, "Nun of the Above" is tantamount to "all of the above," astrologically.
                          having the "Birthright," relative to the other of Jacob's sons, as asserted in I Chronicles 5, whereis 
                          noted that Reuben  was disinheritd, so that thereafter the Birthright was accorded to Joseph instead,
                          which would not gainsay the former offspring's right to enter the Portal had he also chosen any of
                          the previously mentioned selections above,  albeit Judah received the Scepter and thus the kingship,
                          a not altogether insignificant portion in the eyes of modern Scotish royalty, who claim it even now.